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British Science Week, 11-20 March 2022

To celebrate British Science Week we’ve partnered with the University of Worcester to deliver an online event on Wednesday 16 March.

This year’s theme is ‘Energy Live’ and, in partnership with The Royal Institution, we will be delivering an exciting show aimed at KS2 & 3 pupils (aged 7+). 

We’ll delve into different stores of energy and how they affect our lives. Through lively, fire-based demonstrations, we’ll take the intimidation out of the terminology and show you just how simple this subject can be.

Pupils will leave not only knowing their elastic from their gravitational, but also fired-up (pun intended) about energy and with a newly enthused approach to science.

The session will last for approximately 40 minutes and includes an experiment, which can be done immediately after or at any later date. 

We do hope you’re able to join us on 16 March!

The session is free to attend and is funded by the University of Worcester and Worcester Cathedral.


Everyone is welcome, whether a school or home learner. To participate in the event:

Read the Invitation Letter by clicking here

Participants will need access to the self-inflating balloons workshop postcard

Energy Live Curriculum Links

*The video will be available between 9am and 7pm on 16 March only.

*Participants will also need a small plastic or glass bottle with a narrow neck, dried baker’s yeast, sugar, a teaspoon, a balloon and warm water.


Schools Virtual Resources

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