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James' Story

A Personal Story

James loves to sing around the house, he always has, and that’s one of the reasons I used to bring him to the Cathedral’s ‘Be a Chorister for the Day’ events.

We never thought it would lead to him joining the Cathedral Choir, but in September last year he was awarded a place – and we were all thrilled.

As a Christian family James’ role in the choir is important to us and, as his own faith develops, it will mean more and more to him.

He enjoys everything about being part of the musical life of the Cathedral. It’s hard work and a big commitment on top of his schoolwork, but he really does take advantage of all the opportunities it brings.

He’s grown in confidence; he appreciates that hard work makes good things happen and he’s definitely learnt the
value of commitment.

Being a Chorister has given James his own identity and that’s important when you’re 11 and making your mark amongst your peers.

He’s proud of his place in the Cathedral Choir and we’ll always be grateful for the opportunities that it’s giving him.

I know his singing brings joy to many people – I can’t imagine the Cathedral without its music, and I hope James and those who follow never have to.

Joy Pollock (James’ mother)