Photographic Competition 2019 -  'Aspects of Worcester Cathedral'
The results of this years competition are as follows:-

1st Prize Under 18 – ‘Life and Death’ by Lucy Garrard
1st Prize Over 18 – ‘King of the Building’ by Kevin Phillips

2nd Prize Under 18 – ‘Up the Stairs’ by Reanna Bainbridge
2nd Prize Over 18 – ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ by Robin Shuard 

3rd Prize Under 18 – ‘Through the Keyhole’ by Taya Fellows
3rd Prize Over 18 – ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Joan Harris

Judges favourites for Under 18 - 
‘Remembrance’ by Jodie Price – chosen by judge Susan MacLeod
‘Light of the World’ by Theo Shuard – chosen by judge James Atkinson
‘Guiding Lights’ by Lucy Garrard – chosen by judge Chris Dobbs
‘Acres of Arches’ by Shannon Tyrren – chosen by judge Chris Guy

Judges favourites for Over 18 -
‘Gaudet Luce Videri’ by Thomas Galton – chosen by judge Chris Dobbs
‘Enlightenment’ by Robert Aitchison – chosen by judge James Atkinson
‘Chinese Shadows’ by Russell Jones – chosen by judge Chris Guy
‘Meminit Wigornia’ by Steve Cash – chosen by judge Susan MacLeod

Highly Commended Under 18 -
‘Let There be Light’ by Javeria Naeem  
‘Sundial’ by Cassie Marsh
‘Flower’ by Nathan White

Highly Commended Over 18 -  
‘Red, White on Blue’ by Steve Cash
‘Flags on Incense’ by Rebecca Weston
‘Passing of Humans during Life of Cathedral’ by Colin Nash
‘Winter Symphony’ by Lukasz Goralczyk
‘Cathedral from St Johns’ by Colin Nash

Commended Under 18 -
‘Faithful Flower’ by Isabella Jakeman
‘Window of Angels’ by Taianna- Jaylen Tulloch
‘Leading Lines’ by Reanna Bainbridge
‘My Guardian Angel’ by Megan Lears
‘Lighting the Way’ by Emma Hynes

Commended Over 18 -  
‘The Crescent beyond the Cross’ by Thomas Gaulton
‘Celebration of Arches’ by Peter Waters
‘The Chapel Room’ by Nicholas Bartle
‘The Great Sacred Space’ by Peter Waters


The monetary prizes are awarded as follows:-
Adult & Under 18s - 1st Prize £70, 2nd Prize £50 and 3rd Prize £25.

During August we judged the entries and have been organising an exhibition of some of the best photographs. Winners and runners up will recieve an email in early September with an invitation to the the prize giving.

The exhibition to display the winners, runners up, judges favourites, highly commended, commended and the best of the rest, will be in the Dean's Chapel here in the Cathedral over a couple of weeks from Saturday 14 to Sunday 29 September 2019.

The prizes will be awarded on Heritage Open Day, which this year is Saturday 14 September here at the Cathedral. If you are a winner and can't make the prizegiving, we will post a cheque and your certificate to you.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who took part

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